At Norman Professional Eyecare, we offer a wide variety of Glasses, Sun Glasses and Safety Eye Wear and we stock all the latest brand names and styles.  Our Optician will guide you through the process of finding that perfect set of glasses to compliment your style, taste and budget.  We also carry a wide variety of sunglasses, from sporty to stylish.  Stop by today and let one of our friendly staff help you choose that perfect pair of sunglasses for you and your family.

  Eye Wear Brands 

Norman Professional Eye Care is proud to offer these and many other popular brands of Eye Wear:

     Safety and Shooting Eyewear 

Protect your eyes from injury.  Eye injuries from grinding, circular sawing, drywalling, repairing a ceiling, weed eating and working under cars can be very painful.  If you are a police officer or enjoy hunting and  shooting sports, we carry Rudy Projects shooting eyewear that can be made with safety clear or transitions lenses.  Our safety eyewear meets ANSI and CSA eye protection standards.   If you are required to wear safety glasses at work, ask your safety manager about reimbursement for having us make them.  A selection of our safety frames can be seen HERE.